A Skeptics Guide to Judaism

Can Judaism Exist Without G-d?

Did G-d Speak to us at Sinai?

If G-d knows Best, What’s the Point of Prayer?

Is There a Need for “Organized” Religion?

This course will examine some of the difficult, yet fundamental, issues confronting the Jew who is seeking a closer connection to G-d and greater observance of Mitzvot. In a non-dogmatic, non-judgmental discussion, Rabbi Shlomo will examine these challenging topics in an academic yet relaxed setting

A Skeptics Guide to Judaism

Four Thought Provoking Evenings

4 Thursdays, Oct. 19, 26, Nov. 2, 9
8 p.m.

Rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky

Chabad of North Ranch
1145 Lindero Canyon


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