The Rebbetzin’s Kitchen – Shabbat Delights

Chodesh Group for Hebrew Month of Cheshvan

Sample Shabbat foods and delights and learn how to make Shabbat in less than an hour.

The “Chodesh Group” takes place on the Tuesday evening before each upcoming Hebrew month. Each session opens with a discussion of the month ahead, its significant days and holidays, its spiritual dimension and practical lessons. Participants are then treated to a spectacular workshop focused on creativity, fun, health or novelty.

The Rebbetzin’s Kitchen – Shabbat Delights

The Chodesh Group

Tuesday October 17
7:30 p.m.

Rebbetzin Matty Bryski
Rebbetzin Adelle Bryski

Bryski Residence
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No Fee – Prior Reservations Required

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