Singing in the Rain

An Evening With Rabbi Moshe Bryski Founder of the Conejo Jewish Academy

Drawing upon Jewish history, experience and tradition, this talk will focus on how the People of Israel are uniquely capable of extracting the heights of joy from the depths of despair; of resisting all assignations of victimhood (however justified such perceptions may be) in favor of emerging as the “victors” of our circumstances and the stewards of moral conscience for all of humanity.

Rabbi Moshe Bryski has served as the Executive Director of Chabad of the Conejo for the past thirty-four years. Highlighting his achievements is the founding and directing of the Conejo Jewish Academy – a unique adult education institute that has served as a model for dozens of other communities from throughout the world.

Singing in the Rain

Finding the Sun on a Cloudy Day

Monday October 23
8 p.m.

The Academy – Skelton Family Lecture Hall

FREE – Prior Reservations Preferred

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