In Our Hands

Join us for the viewing of this dramatic film followed by a panel discussion and question and answer session with veterans of the IDF who served in the Six Day War

For six days, surrounded by enemies, out-gunned and out-manned, Israel stood alone... and changed history.

Witness one of the most important prophetic events of our time as you watch Israel’s 55th Paratrooper Brigade reunite the ancient city of Jerusalem.

See dramatic re-enactments, archival footage, interviews with Six-Day War veterans, as well as “Operation Focus” - the story of Israel’s surprise attack during the Six-Day War which decimated the Egyptian Air force.

“One of the best, most moving films I’ve seen this year... handsomely produced, historically responsible, and emotionally satisfying.” —Michael Medved. Nationally syndicated talk-radio host

In Our Hands

The Battle for Jerusalem

Monday October 30
7:30 pm

Westlake Village Cinema
4711 Lakeview Canyon Road (Corner of Agoura Road)


Limited Seating Please Reserve in Advance

Past Event