The Godly Fingerprints on the Human Body

With Author and Scientist
Dr. Gerald Schroeder
Author of “The Science of G-d” and “Genesis and the Big Bang”

The more one studies the mysteries and miracles of the human body and the perfection of its design, the closer one feels to the Master Creator of this perfection – to G-d.

Gerald Schroeder, an MIT-trained scientist who has worked in both physics and biology, has emerged in recent years as one of the most popular accessible advocates for the melding of science and religion, having authored five books on the subject and lecturing throughout the world.

The Godly Fingerprints on the Human Body

“Man was Created in the Image of G-d” - Genesis 1:26

Monday November 11
8:00 pm

The Academy – Skelton Family Lecture Hall

$12.00 advance reservations
$15.00 at door

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