Loaves of Love


BAKE Learn the art of Challah Baking, from the making of the dough to a variety of braiding techniques.

PRAY There is a very special Mitzvah given only to women to separate a piece of dough when baking bread/Challah. There is an ancient Kabbalistic and mystical teaching that the moment of Hafrashat Challah (separation of the dough) is a most auspicious time to pray on behalf of those who are in need, especially for the ill. We will learn more about this ancient tradition and join together in a most powerful prayer for those in need of G-dly intervention. Please bring their Hebrew names and those of their mother.

LOVE Bake two Challahs – Take one home for your family and give one to a friend, neighbor or total stranger to bring more love and blessing to the world!

Loaves of Love

A Challah Baking Workshop

Wednesday, May 1
7:30 p.m.

Rebbetzin Matty Bryski

The Academy –
Skelton Family Lecture Hall


Prior Reservations Required

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