Beef Jerky, Beer and Babylonian TALMUD

This is an opportunity to dive into the vast sea of the Talmud, the compilation of centuries of legal discussion between the greatest of sages. With its stimulating and mind-sharpening twists of logic, the Talmud represents the ultimate in Jewish scholarship.

Thousand Oaks
Rabbi Chaim Bryski
Mondays, 8:15 p.m., Begins Oct. 11
1515 El Monte Drive


Simi Valley
Rabbi Nosson Gurary
Tuesdays, 8:30 p.m., Begins Oct. 12
4464 Alamo Street

Rabbi Chaim Bryski

Beef Jerky, Beer and Babylonian TALMUD

The Laboratory of Jewish Law

Mondays or Tuesdays Begins Oct. 11 or 12
8:15 p.m.

Rabbi Chaim Bryski

Chabad of Thousand Oaks,
1515 El Monte Dr

No Fee

Offered in 2 Locations, No Fee!

Please make a contribution of any size to help defray the cost of the semester:
optional donation.
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