My G-d

Lesson One: The Basics
1. What is G-d?
2. Where is G-d?
3. How did G-d come to be?
4. Is G-d a He, a She, or a They?

Lesson Two: His Nature
1. Does G-d have feelings?
2. Does G-d communicate with human beings?
3. Does G-d ever act illogically?
4. Why does G-d have so many names?
5. Wh-t's up w-th the hyph-nat-on of G-d?

Lesson Three: His Reasons
1. Why did G-d create us? Does He need us?
2. Why did G-d create evil?
3. Can we question G-d?
4. Why is G-d described as "wrathful" and "jealous"?

Lesson Four: His Truth
1. Do have to believe in G-d to be Jewish?
2. Is it kosher to have doubts about G-d?
3. Why must I fear G-d?
4. I'm okay with believing in G-d, but I'm not religious.
5. Can we still have a relationship?

Lesson Five: His Paradoxes
1. Can G-d create a rock that He can't lift?
2. Does G-d's foreknowledge preclude our free choice?
3. Is there anything that G-d finds difficult to do?
4. If G-d has decided to do something, can we change His mind?

Lesson Six: Our Relationship
1. Why can't we see G-d?
2. Can we reconcile G-d with science?
3. Why is Judaism so obsessed with idolatry? Is G-d jealous?
4. I'm a spiritual person. Why do I need to follow the Torah's "system” to have a relationship with G-d?

Nothing is off-limits as the refreshingly open course asks piercing questions about G-d and delivers profound, insightful answers. An enlightening study into G-d’s nature, G-d’s goal for creation, human experiences of G-d, the role of religion, and the function of miracles and prayer, this course promises to satisfy your questions, including those you didn’t know you had.

Rabbi Yisroel Levine
Rabbi Yisroel Levine has been teaching Chassidic thought and Kabbalistic concepts for over twenty years. His ability to bring the deeply esoteric to the very practical has influenced and inspired hundreds who attend his popular classes and courses at the Academy. He and his wife Leah are the spiritual leaders of Chabad of Oak Park and are the proud parents of eight children and three grandchildren.

My G-d

Defining the Divine

6 Tuesdays
Nov. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29,
Dec. 6
8:00 pm

Rabbi Yisroel Levine

The Academy – Center for Jewish Life

Per Person - $36.00
Per Couple - $50.00

(includes textbook)

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