Chabad of the Conejo

Now, More Than Ever...

As the world continues to twist in whirlwinds of confusion and uncertainty, many wonder when things will get back to "normal" and what "normal" might look like when it does.

While questions and challenges certainly abound, worries and fears are best cast aside in favor of positive thoughts and constructive deeds. Indeed, this has been Chabad of the Conejo's approach ever since the pandemic began wreaking havoc on people's lives and livelihoods last spring: Hope, not despair; continuity, not futility; adaptation, not resignation.

Galvanized by "The Power of Hope," Chabad set about implementing an array of funding, counseling and assistance programs to help those most adversely affected by the shutdowns. It kept its doors wide open, continuing to offer services, classes, lectures, holiday programs, school and youth programs in safe and creative ways. It provided the wherewithal for people to meaningfully observe Jewish ritual and tradition while confined to their homes.

In stepping up rather than stepping away, Chabad has helped ensure that the Conejo Jewish Community will emerge from this historically challenging period more united, compassionate, engaged, enlightened, grateful and faithful than before - and, G-d willing, soon at that!

...the Show Must Go On!

True to its driving spirit of hope and resilience, Chabad of the Conejo's annual gala-concert, which serves as the organization's primary fundraiser for the year, must not only happen in 2021; it must be one of its most festive and successful such events to date!

And so it will be... On June 9, 2021, friends and supporters of Chabad of the Conejo will be invited to toast, sing and dance along with an exclusive online celebration consistent with the high production standards of Chabad's gala-concert events of years past.

Centered on the theme "Yesh Tikvah - The Power of Hope", Virtual Gala 2021 will feature an all-star lineup of world-class entertainers and presenters, including Shai Abramson, 8th Day, Dudu Fisher, Benny Friedman, Kol Esperanza, Yanky Lemmer, Tony Orlando, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Joseph Telushkin, and Mayor Denis Weber - among others.

In addition to enjoying the program's unforgettable entertainment and inspiration, Virtual Gala 2021 guests will have delightful refreshment/gift boxes delivered to their homes to enhance their viewing and celebratory experience and will be accorded due placement in the "Scroll of Honor" to be displayed on screen throughout the show.