The Chosen People

Ambassadors to the World
“G-d has chosen you to be for Him a treasured nation from amongst all nations that are upon the earth.” - DEUTERONOMY 7:6

Join us for our popular Lunch ‘N Learn Study Group as we delve into the concept and meaning of a “Chosen People”. Why were we chosen? What were we chosen for? Is it not racist or arrogant to call yourself chosen? What is the G-dly prescription for acting chosen? Are we doing a good job as G-d’s Chosen People?

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Rabbi Moshe D. Bryski
Rabbi Moshe Bryski has served as the Executive Director of Chabad of the Conejo for the past thirty years. Highlighting his achievements is the founding and directing of the Conejo Jewish Academy – a unique adult education institute that has served as a model for dozens of other communities from throughout the world. He and his wife Matty are the spiritual leaders of Chabad of Agoura Hills and have been blessed with eight children and eight grandchildren.

The Chosen People

A Textual Torah Study Group with Rabbi Moshe D. Bryski

Winter Semester Begins Jan. 22
Spring Semester Begins April 29
12:30 p.m.

Rabbi Moshe D. Bryski

The Academy – Center for Jewish Life

No Fee

Lunch Served Following Class – Contributions Encouraged


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