Health & Happiness

Join us for 2 four-week courses of our Health & Happiness Series.

Fall Semester

Lesson One:
Heroes of the Torah:
Embracing life with faith, strength and purpose

Lesson Two:
Mindfulness & Jewish Meditation:
Using prayer as an antidote to stress & anxiety

Lesson Three
A Roadmap to Happiness

Lesson Four
The Wisdom of King Solomon

Spring Semester

Lesson One
Transformation Through Balance:
Channeling our 7 emotional faculties

Lesson Two
Cognitive Behavioral Torah Therapy

Lesson Three
Letters From The Rebbe:
On Health & Happiness

Lesson Three
Mindfulness & Jewish Meditation II:
Using prayer as an antidote to stress & anxiety

Health & Happiness

Mind, Body, & Soul

4 Mondays, Fall Semester: Nov. 21, 28, Dec. 5, 12
Spring Semester: April 24, May 1, 8, 15
8:00 pm

Rebbetzin Matty Bryski

The Academy – Center for Jewish Life

No Fee

Also available on zoom

Please make a contribution of any size to help defray the cost of the semester:
optional donation.
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