The Mystical Tradition
This class is designed for both the beginner and the advanced student. The texts being used are the discourses written by the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s. The class follows the texts of these discourses and deals with the basics in Chabad Chassidic teachings along with mystical concepts. The course is dedicated in the memory of Carrie (Chana) Greenberg obm, who so graciously hosted this weekly class in her home for many years.
Rabbi Yisroel Levine
Rabbi Yisroel Levine has been teaching Chassidic thought and Kabbalistic concepts for over twenty years. His ability to bring the deeply esoteric to the very practical has influenced and inspired hundreds who attend his popular classes and courses at the Academy. He and his wife Leah are the spiritual leaders of Chabad of Oak Park and are the proud parents of eight children and three grandchildren.

The Mystical Tradition

Chana’s Legacy Chassidic Discourse Series

Wednesdays, Begins Oct. 13
8:00 p.m.

Rabbi Yisroel Levine

At a home in Agoura Hills – Call for directions

No Fee

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Meeting ID: 870 3764 4564
Passcode: chabad

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