Decisions of Fate
Judaism’s timeless values provide practical guidance for making confident and considered life-and-death choices. This course applies Jewish values to four common dilemmas: risky treatments, end-of-life care, abortion, and care of the deceased.

Lesson One: Healing: How Far Must One Go

Lesson Two: The Terminally Ill & Assisted Suicide

Lesson Three: When Does Life Begin?

Lesson Four: Sanctity of the Human Body – Post Death

Decisions of Fate

Guiding Jewish Values for Making Life-and-Death Decisions

4 Wednesdays,
May 8, 15, 22, 29
8:00 pm

Rabbi Yisroel Levine

The Academy – Center for Jewish Life

Per Person - $36.00
Per Couple - $50.00

(includes textbook)

This Course is In-Person Only

This course will also be offered at our Simi Valley branch. Please call 805-577-0573 for information and registration.


The Talmud
The Talmud

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