Chabad of the Conejo


Chabad and The Miracle of Gratitude

Jewish ethics and tradition teach that the degree to which one will find happiness and discover miracles in one's life is in direct correlation to one's ability to experience, express and demonstrate gratitude.

It is this attribute of thankfulness that has been the driving force behind the growth and development of Chabad of the Conejo over the past 44 years. As Chabad's appreciation for the unique potential and infinite value of each soul has been reciprocated by the community's appreciation for Chabad's mission and methodology, the result has been an ever-burgeoning network of nine vibrant centers spanning the Conejo Valley region. From schools and youth programs to synagogues and adult education institutes, social service programs to mitzvah outreach projects, Chabad responds to the physical and spiritual needs of young and old from all walks of life - with open doors and open hearts.

On June 13, 2023, as friends and supporters gather at the Four Seasons Hotel to say, "Thank You!" to Chabad of the Conejo, Chabad will respond in kind - with a gala of uplifting music, inspiration, tribute and entertainment. Please join us for the memorable festivities... Todah!