Chabad of the Conejo

Chazak V'amatz!

On October 7, 2023, Israel and Jews the world over received a harsh wake-up call that rattled our sense of stability and security in a way not experienced in decades. Our collective shock, horror, anger, grief and sorrow in the wake of the savage attacks was further exacerbated by the vile displays of antisemitism by many in their aftermath.

Yet rather than have us cower in fear or surrender to despair, these events have served to reawaken the heart and soul of world Jewry - motivating us to do everything in our power to support Israel in its quest to decisively defeat the forces of evil, to reassert our sense of pride in our identity, and to rededicate ourselves anew to our heritage and tradition.

"Chazak V'amatz - be strong and valiant" means that Am Yisrael, globally, shall emerge from the tragedy of October 7 stronger and more united than ever. It means that our community, locally, can look forward to a yet bigger and bolder Jewish future for the Conejo Valley.

On June 18, 2024, friends and supporters of Chabad of the Conejo will come together at the Four Seasons Westlake to celebrate this spirit and promise - with strength, courage and resolve.